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At Bonilla & Partners we offer a wide range of services, always guaranteed by our experience and professionalism.

Real estate law

Commercial and corporate law

Tax advice

 Inheritance law 


Judicial assistance



The office Bonilla & Partners is a family law firm that was founded more than 35 years ago, developing its activity in the legal
(mainly property and commercial law) and taxation areas. 

Currently, the second generation, through its partners, has expanded the scope of its professional services in order to offer its clients all the services it requires in the various legal disciplines.

We understand that the values ​​that prevail in the professional relationship with the client are trust and professionalism, which entails the appropriate discretion as well as advising you to find the most optimal solution regarding the legal and tax issues that arise.


Real estate law   


In this area, our professional services include, where appropriate, the negotiation of contracts and their processing until their proper registration as well as their legal review and processing in the acquisition of real estate for an entity (asset deal or share deal).

A fundamental part of the added value that we can offer is the previous analysis that mainly affects:

  • Analysis of the legal-tax consequences of the real estate transaction and its future repercussions (for example, inheritance tax). 

  • Analysis of the alternatives for direct or indirect acquisition of the real estate property (by private title, through companies, acquisition of the shares of the holding company of the real estate ...) 

  • Verification of the corresponding charges, encumbrances and fiscal conditions as well as the urban analysis of the property to determine the existence of potential illegalities or administrative procedures for urban infringement. 

Other professional services in said section include:


  • The possible legalization of farms according to the current urban regulations. 

  • The cadastral and registry adaptation of the properties to their physical reality. 

  • Preparation and preparation of lease agreements. 

  • Preparation of real guarantee documents of any kind (mortgages).


Commercial and corporate law

Our professional services include the preparation of commercial contracts such as:

  • Credit agreements and commercial loans 

  • Contrato de cuentas en participación 

  • Joint-Venture 

  • Community of Goods 

  • Commercial Loan 

  • Leases of business premises 

  • Personal and real guarantee contracts of any kind (mortgage, guarantees)

On the other hand, we advise and prepare the statutes of capitalist companies and manage the corresponding procedures until their registration in the commercial register. We also proceed to prepare the general meetings of partners and shareholders, adaptation of bylaws and preparation and presentation of the annual accounts.

Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht

Tax advice

Our professional services include, among others, the following professional services:

  • The inheritance planning linked to the tax services in order to minimize the fiscal cost within the alternatives offered by the current legislation as well as its formalization and including compliance with the corresponding legal and fiscal formalities are appropriate.

  • Tax planning for real estate investments and businesses at the national and international level taking into account the international double taxation agreements in order to minimize taxes within the current legislation.

  • Fulfillment of tax formalities for both natural and legal persons in order to complete the tax formalities in force at any time.

  • Customized tax advice in order to adapt the personal situation of the clients to the tax novelties in order to minimize possible fiscal costs.

Rechnungslegungs- ​und Steuerrecht

Inheritance law

The inheritance law is that part of private law that governs the succession mortis causa and determines the fate of the entitlements and legal relationships both active and passive of a person after his death.

In the regulation of successions, important aspects are contemplated, such as:

  • Destination that will be given to the deceased or decedent's property. It determines the scope of action of the autonomy of the will, the mandatory rules that are necessary and the dispositive rules that will replace the will of the deceased, in case there is no testament. Requirements of validity of the will, in order to ensure that what appears in it is really the will of the testator.
  • The necessary procedures for the distribution of the relict flow (hereditary assets).

  • Analysis of tax implications in succession planning both in the private and professional fields.


In this area we offer accounting and labor assistance to investment companies or business operators in Spain either through corporate forms or through a permanent establishment in that country.

Rechnungslegungs- ​und Arbeitsrecht

Judicial assistance

In this area we offer our professional assistance together with our collaborators to defend their interests before the corresponding Courts and Tribunals. 


This assistance covers:

  • civil

  • commercial

  • administrative

  • criminal

  • labor matters​




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